What To Do If Your Child Experiences Separation Anxiety

When they're young, children learn about the world through exploration. That's why it's so important for them to spend time away from their parents and explore on their own, especially in a safe place like Kid City USA. But what if your child experiences separation anxiety? Kid City USA will provide you with some tips to help with your child's separation anxiety. Continue reading to learn more and contact us today about our daycare prices for our childcare in northern Florida!


Talk to Your Child

Let your child know why they need to be away from you and what will happen while they're at Kid City USA, including play time, meeting new friends, resting and more. This will help them feel more in control and understand why they are going to be away from you.


Make Their Surroundings Feel Familiar

Think about packing a bag with some of your child's favorite things, such as a blanket or toy. This will help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings and remind them of home. At Kid City USA, we provide children with all the love, attention, and education that they need to feel safe and secure.


Have a Regular Goodbye Routine

Creating a sweet and quick goodbye routine can be anything, from giving them a hug and telling them you love them to reading a story together. Having this goodbye ritual before you drop them off will help your child know what to expect, so they aren't anxious when they have to go to their daycare center.


Instill Confidence

Instilling confidence in your child can be something as simple as saying, "I know you'll do great!" or giving them extra attention before they go to daycare so they already have positive feelings associated with being away from you. Kid City USA will make them feel confident about their abilities and what they can do on their own by giving them the opportunity to explore through playtime as well as learning activities!

We hope you learned something new on how to help children experiencing separation anxiety. Feel free to contact Kid City USA if you have any further questions about our daycare services or daycare prices.

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